1. AdeOla

    Oh snap! I am craving this. I was won over, but the comment from your boyfriend took me over the edge. lol

  2. Ranu

    Love this!!! A facial in a penthouse apartment, sounds pretty incredible.

  3. Paola

    Yes! Completely fell in love with her when I saw her featured on ITG. Lucky girl, the experience sounds A-mazing!

  4. asti

    For a second I thought she was Britanie from !

    Must be nice to have a facial done by her. By the sound of it the place and the whole ritual sound so lovely. I also agree with what she said, organic skin care does not always mean better. I have used a skin care once which terribly irritated my skin. There is really no guarantee, as a customer we definitely need to have that knowledge ourselves.

    1. Britanie Faith

      awww I just saw this and smiled!! what a huge compliment!!! she’s beauuutiful!

  5. Britanie Faith

    How is it that I just discovered your site? wonderful blog and wonderful information.

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  8. Ladybird

    Sounds great! Can I ask how much did you pay for this facial? thanks

  9. qb

    wish she was in the uk lol!xx

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