1. melly

    I’ve been blending smoothies for about a month now and was quite clueless about where to start with Superfoods. Thanks for giving me some ideas!

  2. Ashley

    Recipe looks great! actually looking at juicers now haha

  3. Get Juicing!

    [...] promised, my follow-up to my blending post is to help you get started with juicing! As a novice juicer myself, I won’t pretend that [...]

  4. Hannah

    So helpful! Thanks for showing the difference, as I was clueless! I bought some flax seed for a recipe and was thinking it would be a great addition to my smoothies. But do I need to grind it first? Or can I just throw it in whole?


  5. Christina

    So I’m debating getting a vitamix or this juicer… which do you think would be more beneficial? We have Christmas gift cards to use, so this would actually be covered and if we did the Vita-mix instead would only spend about $150 out of pocket on it. I’ve never juiced before and have only made a handful of smoothies! Suggestions?!

  6. Whitney

    If I blended all my fruit and veggies, then strained them to get the “pulp” out do you think that could sub for a juicer until I can get one or is there something scientific about a juicer they aren’t telling us about?!

  7. Malibu

    For those asking, we have a vitamix and we blend and juice in it. To juice – we blend – and then we strain using a paint strainer and our muscle. Clean up is easy peasy and you have the wonderful option of blending or juicing. I say go for the VitaMix!

  8. Sherry

    To Christina – I debated over the popular Vita-mix myself and settled on the Ninja as a practical, cost-effective alternative last year. I’m sure the Vita-mix is fantastic, but for the money I am beyond thrilled with the Ninja. Easy to use, easy to clean and it gets used almost every day! Thought I’d share in case this was one of your alternate choices. I also have a juicer, but rarely use it now that I have my Ninja!

    To Whitney – I usually only juice now to build bases for my blending. For example, I like carrots juiced rather than blended, so I’ll juice those and add those to my liquid that I’m using for my smoothies.

  9. SK

    Have you ever tried combining the two? I personally love juicing and then trowing the juice in a blender with some frozen fruit. Then I don’t get any of the extra yuckies that are sometimes added to juice, I know exactly what is in it.

  10. Heather

    I have a Vita Mix and make a green juice every morning. I’ve never had to strain my greens or any other fruit or vegetable, it blends them down to pure liquid. I love starting the day with almost a days worth of fruit & vegetables.

  11. Em

    Hi! I have a juicer… 1)Should I be adding powders and add ons to yhem? 2) how bad is it to have more fruit than veg? 3) blenders: I have one… Never used it for a smoothie… Are smoothies technically healthier than juice? Also… How does one… “Smoothie”…?

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