1. Lauren Slayton

    great post. I’d add probiotic foods (miso/kombucha), green juices and E3live. Have to try that David’s tea, they do great work.

  2. Grace - Stripes & Sequins

    This is a great post… thanks for the tips! xo

  3. christin

    Oh, good call on the tea! I make this mexican remedy that involves boiling lemons and garlic and adding cayenne and honey and that really helps!

  4. AdeOla

    I rarely fall sick or catch a cold, but this will come in handy. Btw, I do struggle with allergies, and I am on the look out for natural remedies. I get antsy swallowing Zrytec D twice a day almost all year round. Any recommendation?

  5. Ranu

    I needed this so bad! Currently battling a cold. Need to up my sleep, and have been drinking ginger tea, but maybe I need to up the ante! Thanks :)

  6. Emily Marie

    These tips are super helpful! I’m typically one to reach for cold medicine right away, but honestly, it’s only because I didn’t know what else to do! Next time I have a cold I will definitely try some of these out.
    Isn’t That Charming.

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  8. Emily

    I do all of these things too. They really work wonders. I also make the spiciest soup I can handle with lots of cayenne pepper and chilies in an attempt to get a sweat going. My boyfriend actually skips the whole soup process and eats an entire raw chilli!

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