1. rita

    i live in minneapolis where IN is based and the store/salon is amazing! such a fun place to explore and learn… unfortunately i had a reaction to the skincare products i tried (crazy crazy sensitive skin) so i’m hesitant to try anything else, but i love the IN lip balm!

    Horst is such an innovator – it’s awesome to see what he is doing to advance beauty products when he could easily be retired on a beach somewhere.

  2. AdeOla

    I wonder if it would work on Black people hair specifically coily curls. That is usually my first question when I come across any hair product. The needs are so different. :) Something I need to look into, but natural and food based products are good for all hair type I believe.

    BTW, I nominated you for a Versatile Blogger Award on my blog. It is just something fun. Visit

  3. victoria | vmac+cheese

    Ooh thanks for sharing this. I have wanted to try IN for a while now! My hair is WRECKED after the beach.

  4. Lauren Slayton

    “chronic abuse” can you really say that if you don’t bleach your hair? C’mon blondes have more chemicals. I would love to try these, I have been using Rahua stuff. Good info. I want to grown my shampoo ingredients on a farm. Oh well.

  5. natasa

    I love this too. I just use the conditioner with a john masters shampoo and it works well on my dry but fine hair.

  6. Laura

    Hello, I use the bare shampoo. It is essential oil free and really gentle; moisturising but not heavy. I also used the primrose one in the past, which is similar to the bare one but has ylang ylang and other essential oils (it smells similar to the in pure luxe). Hope that helps!

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