1. Laura

    Oh I adore yuli. This product sounds great. I use their modern alchemist (retinol serum) at night and liquid courage (ferulic serum) during the day. I love both.

  2. vmacandcheese

    I love little products like this. I’ll have to give the Yuli brand a try! It’s new to me.

  3. A.

    What a cool brand. I’m interested to find out more about Yuli’s other products! DeVita also makes a couple products designed to combat hyperpigmentation; they have a Sun Damage Repair Serum and Skin Brightening Serum. They’re both all natural and clean, but a little more wallet friendly.

  4. Chloé Elizabeth

    Just read through your whole blog in 24 hrs and LOVE it! I have pinned the Yuli onto my beauty board ;) thanks for sharing!

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