Thursday, May 19, 2022

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6 tips to maintain a healthy hair

The secret of hair length and density lies in the health of the scalp, as it is a key factor in promoting hair growth, and making it longer and denser. In modern beauty, hair problems are, for some reason, much more significant...

5 tips on washing African American hair

Most African American women complain about hair loss and thinning as their main challenges regarding their hair. Although African American hair is more prone to damage and injury due to its fragile nature, you can do something to reverse this trend. Consider the following tips:

10 Best Clip-In Hair Extensions For African-American Hair

If you're an African-American woman, you've probably already considered getting hair extensions. They can be a fun way to switch up your hairstyle, and they give you endless options to style your hair exactly the way you want it. We love clip-in hair extensions because...

How often African American hair should be co-washed

Black hair is an excellent demonstration of beauty, regardless of whether it’s braided, natural or relaxed. The key to beautiful and healthy African American hair is gentle treatment and moisture; without these treatments, the hair will be dry and brittle. Although taking care of black...

9 tips that make African American hair grow longer and thicker

Having African American hair requires a lot of special care to keep it healthy because it tends to feel dry and it's more prone to damage and breakage than other types of hair. One of the biggest concerns of women that have it is that...