Wednesday, November 13, 2019

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How to Curl Hair Overnight with Socks

Curling hair overnight with socks is a no-heat method to get some curls and waves into your hair. The method is simple and easy to customize by adding in sections and using different techniques as described below. All you need to get started are six...

How to easily straighten curly hair at home

Straight, smooth hair is a stylish look that many women crave. If you’ve been born with naturally curly hair, this can be even more difficult to obtain, as straightening at a salon can be pricey and damaging to your hair. Your hair can get fried,...

10 ways to curl hair naturally without using chemicals

Hair curling refers to any method of creating waves in air in order to change the overall texture. People are born with different hair textures; either straight or curly hair. However, most people especially women prefer curly hair because of its interesting nature.

Best Tarte Mascaras, Top 8 Tarte Mascara Reviews

Tarte is a brand that beauty experts love and trust. Their products are known for their commitment to using high-quality, natural ingredients in their products, free of artificial dyes and chemicals. Because of this, many eco-conscious shoppers flock to their products, especially when looking...

Quitting coffee painlessly

I generally feel pretty good about what I put into my body but as you already know, one habit that I didn’t feel great about was my daily coffee habit, or shall I say my old coffee habit. While some people are completely fine drinking coffee, I...