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10 ways to curl hair naturally without using chemicals

Hair curling refers to any method of creating waves in air in order to change the overall texture. People are born with different hair textures; either straight or curly hair. However, most people especially women prefer curly hair because of its interesting nature.

Know the anatomy before starting to curl hair naturally

Hair curls result from hydrogen bonds when they form between water molecules and the proteins in hair. Hair curls can be created either naturally or by the use of chemicals. The natural hair texture depends on several factors which include hormones, age, and stress. Hair curling is known to cause a change in hair texture and quality. Natural hair can be straight or curly depending on the hair follicle. Women are mostly known to prefer curly hair than straight hair because they regard it as a source of beauty.

All types of hair have two main components. The visible section of hair is made of the shaft while the other section inside the skin contains the follicle. The hair follicle and shaft are important in determining the structure and shape of the hair, where the hair texture mainly depends on the type of hair follicle. Straight hair can be made curly by the use of any means to break up or “relax’ “the hydrogen bonds forming these parts of the hair. These methods include ;

1. Use of curling iron

curling iron

This involves using a hot iron in which the hair is wrapped around them in different ways to create a variety of curl patterns. Hair rubbing is done halfway down then the wrapping direction is changed for the remaining section while leaving out the hair ends to creates a lazy curl pattern. Smaller sections of hair can be twisted from top to the ends before wrapping on the iron to create spiral curls. Spiral curls need enough heating to prevent easy collapsing.

2. Use of Velcro rollers

curling using velcro rollers

This is a great curling alternative which also saves the hair from heat damage. The hair sections are wrapped around different sizes of rollers and given enough time to form curls. Tight curls from this method are formed by the use of small-sized rollers.

3. Adopting the ‘twist and press’ method when drying

twist and press curl
Image source: Wikihow

Twist and press method is done after a shower.  Curls are made by using a towel to press and twist the hair instead of rubbing it back and forth. This will push the hair cuticles upwards causing a curly structure. This method saves the hair from the extreme heat effects of a curling iron. Another twist and press method is using socks to curl hair overnight.

4. Feathering the hair ends with a razor or scissors

Feathering the hair ends
Image source: YouTube

Feathering the hair ends is one of the simplest methods to achieve hair curls. It involves scraping the hair ends with a razor or scissors making it shoot up into a curl. Several feathering creates more stable curls.

5. Use of drinking straws

drinking straw curling
Image source: YouTube

This method involves securing portions of the hair inside the straws and living them overnight. Using of bonnet during sleeping ensures that there are tight curls. The straws are removed in the morning and the head is given a good shake to free the curls.

6. Use of flex- rods

flex rods curling
Image source: YouTube

The hair is first made dump to guarantee lasting curls. The locks are then wrapped on the flex rods. Wrapping is done up to the ends in order to develop nice and even curls.

7. The pin- curl method

pin curl method
Image source: Pinterest

The hair is first portioned into small or medium sections depending on the curl size desired. The sections are wrapped along its length, pressed and pinned on the head. The hair is given enough time to allow curl development.

8. The use of Bantu knots


It is the preferred method of hair curling by most girls. The hair is sectioned and made damp using water. The sections are then rolled and twisted leading to the formation of small buns. The buns are secured using hairpins which prevent them from becoming loose or falling.

9. Use of curl formers


This is one of the fastest ways to get the hair nice with curls. The hair is made wet and then put in the curl formers strand by strand. They are then left overnight to allow curls to form.

10. Perm rods

perm rods

These are similar to Flexi-rods but they are used to form short and rigid curls. After wetting the hair using water, medium strands are made and wrapped around the rods and left overnight. This results in short adorable curls. 

Clearly, tighter curls are created by the use of high temperatures. The high temperatures which are above the boiling point can be damaging because it dries all the moister causing a change in the hair structure. The benefits of this process overwhelmingly outweigh the negatives. However, there is a need to address the effects of high temperatures on the hair structure. The non-heat methods of creating hair curls should be encouraged to make the process as healthy as possible.

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