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6 tips to maintain a healthy hair

The secret of hair length and density lies in the health of the scalp, as it is a key factor in promoting hair growth, and making it longer and denser.

In modern beauty, hair problems are, for some reason, much more significant than those of our great-grandparents. Below are some tips on avoiding common hair problems.

1 .Proper nutrition

Proper nutrition

It is necessary to saturate the body with all the essential vitamins and minerals. For many of us, nutrition is poor.

We have not been accustomed to listen to the needs of the body since childhood, and it is often necessary to restore the diet with the help of various specialists.

What foods do you need to eat for the health of hair in the first place?

Fats, both vegetable and animal. A diet lacking fats will result in loss of shine and gloss of hairs.

Protein, A considerable percentage of the hairs are made up of keratin protein. The need for keratin is covered by meat, legumes, eggs, dairy products.

Vitamins of group B, There are many of them in the liver, cottage cheese, nuts, cereals, bran, and vegetables. Vitamins A and as well as antioxidants – all this can be found in seafood, cereals, nuts, fish oil. Iron and zinc – give strength and reduce brittleness.

2. Drink clean water regularly

drink clean water

Numerous studies have shown people who consume liquid food, teas, and other drinks, and not just water in the amount of two liters per day, completely satisfy the body’s need for water intake.

Individually, someone needs strictly 2 liters. To maintain the health of the hair, you can drink vitamin complexes. It is most correct when their dietitian prescribes you.

3. Brush your hair every day

brush hair everyday

Brushing the hair every day is very important to stimulate the circulation on the scalp. This also ensures that the natural oils of the scalp are distributed equally. They are distributed through the hair and will naturally hydrate your hair.

Good blood circulation is necessary so that the hair follicles can work efficiently, and in this way, the hair grows faster and healthier. Remember that you should never brush your hair vigorously to be efficient, and neither should you do it when your hair is wet because it can damage your hair and cause breakage.

Comb through dry hair, because the hair structure is much more resistant than when it is wet, so the risk of breaking the hair is minimal.

4. Take care of your hair while you sleep

sleep on silk

When you sleep, your hair can break and suffer damage. You need to learn to take care of it while you are enjoying a comforting sleep.

The first thing you will have to do is not sleep with a normal pillowcase and move on to a silk pillowcase because, in addition to being softer, it will provide extra care for your hair. Silk takes care of your hair because it does not cause friction as they do those of cotton. Besides, this type of pillow has an extra benefit for your beauty, and it also prevents premature wrinkles on the facial skin.

5. Massage

hair massage

Massaging for a few minutes with essential oils on the scalp can be very useful for falling asleep. Also, it is very stimulating at the level of the hair follicle.

Massage and oil properties help to promote blood flow and circulation, which, in turn, help stimulate hair growth.

You can use coconut oil or castor oil, but if you prefer a combination of oils with a pleasant fragrance that can be applied to the hair quickly and without much delay.

You can also try henna dye to make your hair healthy.

6. Hydrate your hair frequently

Hot oil

The dry hair breaks more easily. This leads to a decrease in hair length, which will take you longer to reach the length you want for your hair. A person can use a deep conditioner.

There are many different types of conditioners with different properties. Depending on the ingredients incorporated, they will help you restore moisture, moisturize, strengthen hair, and repair it.

As what we want, in this case, is to promote hair growth. I would recommend those that are rich in castor oil and formulated to prevent hair loss and strengthen hair.

In conclusion

Beautiful hair is the dream of every African American woman. In order for hair to grow longer faster and become thick, shiny, and healthy, it is worth using special effective hair products found in the market

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