Growing up, my fondest memories were watching my mom put on her red lipstick each morning and apply her millions of exotic face creams at night. When I hit puberty, she would lovingly nag me about getting rid of my blackheads via her favorite clay mask and made sure my face was scrubbed clean before bed. Not surprisingly, I first put on eyeliner and mascara in middle school and never looked back.

During my sophomore year at NYU, my mother passed away after a long, painful struggle with breast cancer. After watching her struggles, I not only became more concerned with what I put on my face but also what I put into my body. I remain utterly convinced that a defining aspect of beauty is nutrition.  So, I am not only laser focused on trying the latest beauty products, but also making sure that my diet is clean and nutritious.

Ultimately, my hope is that my dear readers will benefit from my obsession with trying new products and learning about delicious, nutritious foods and fun habits that will help you feel better – inside and out.

PS – I am always more than happy to give credit where credit is due. If you find something on this blog that belongs to you and does not have an appropriate credit, please let me know and I will change that immediately.