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How often African American hair should be co-washed

Black hair is an excellent demonstration of beauty, regardless of whether it’s braided, natural or relaxed. The key to beautiful and healthy African American hair is gentle treatment and moisture; without these treatments, the hair will be dry and brittle. Although taking care of black hair takes effort, the silky, soft, and healthy results are worth the investment.

Co-washing African American Hair

The best way to wash African American hair is what we refer to as co-washing. This is a simple way of cleaning the black hair by using a hair conditioner only without any shampoo. This method is best for restoring moisture and drying the hair.

African American Women typically suffer from dry hair than other women; in simple terms, dry hair is characteristic of African American hair. Washing the black hair with water and shampoos frequently results in dry hair since this practice reduced the amount of healthy natural oils on the scalp. African American women tend to suffer from dry hair more than others.

Co-washing is a practice that helps to restore moisture that is lost due to different reasons such as poor diet, environmental, and health issues. You can use these methods as the sole way of cleaning your hair, or you can combine it with your regular washing routine.

How often should African American hair be co-washed?

Healthy African American Hair

Unless your scalp is extremely dry, you should not co-wash your African American hair each day. The frequency of co-washing your hair is dependent on your lifestyle and the condition of your hair. Generally, it’s advisable to co-wash your hair twice or thrice in a week.

If your African American hair is weak or over-processed, it’s not advisable to co-wash the hair. Similarly, if you suffer scalp disorders such as psoriasis, eczema, or dermatitis, you should not co-wash your hair. Ladies who visit the gym or practice yoga should co-wash their hair more frequently. The hair extensions for African American hair could be a good choice to use instead of washing your hair frequently.

How often to co-wash your hair isn’t an exact science, but it’s dependent on the hair, your lifestyle, and schedule; it’s more of a personal decision.

The benefits of co-washing your natural African American Hair

  • Combing and styling the hair becomes stress-free; thus you’ll spend less time in the shower or at the sink,
  • The money spent on maintaining the hair and buying hair care products is reduced since you’ll mainly require only the hair conditioner to wash your hair.
  • The hair color becomes vibrant and shiny, and this is noticeable even immediately after co-washing the hair. When co-washing your hair, you must realize that color-treated hair is usually drier than your virgin natural, uncolored hair.
  • You’ll witness less split ends and hair shedding. Healthy hair stems from moisture and application of oil as a sealant; if you co-wash your hair routinely, you’ll witness impressive results.
  • Since natural hair has varying volumes and textures, women transiting from relaxers to natural hair are likely to experience better results if they co-wash their hair.
  • You’ll experience increased hair growth and minimal chances of tearing your hair due to a lack of moisture.

Final words

If you don’t co-wash your African American hair, the chances are that your hair will be dry, you’ll take more time to care for your hair and groom, you will also experience split ends, and your hair will take longer to grow.

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