One of my favorite breakfasts (besides pastured eggs and grass-fed bacon) is a green smoothie! Many of my friends scoff when I tell them this because they make the assumption that my smoothies are nothing but kale and water. This could NOT be farther from the truth. As I mentioned in my New Years’ Resolution post, I love juicing and plan to do it as much as possible this year, but I love blending just as much. I’m a big fan of both as they are amazing ways to easily sneak a LOT more veggies in your diet.

First of all, juicing and blending are NOT the same thing. When you juice, you are extracting the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables you are using and leaving only behind vitamins and minerals from your produce. As your stomach doesn’t have to stress itself out by extracting nutrients, your body is alkalized much more quickly and easily – essentially your juicer is doing most of the digestion for you. Blending, on the other hand, simply does a bit of chewing (minus the saliva), and leaves the fiber intact, which is what keeps you full and satisfied. Because the fiber is still in place, I personally find smoothies to be an amazing meal replacement option, particularly after a period of very poor eating habits (AKA me over the holidays) or if I’m just too lazy to cook. The slower release of nutrients also balances your bodies pH and blood sugar (due to the fiber).

When I make smoothies, my basic formula is as follows: 

  1. a liquid base like coconut water or homemade almond milk,
  2. 3 to 1 veggie to fruit ratio (to avoid a sugar overload),
  3. 1 source of healthy fat, and a fun bonus (protein powderraw cacao powder, flaxseeds, cinnamon, chia seeds, the list goes on and on!).

I love smoothies because of the endless amount of superfoods you can sneak in without your taste buds noticing – my personal favorites are spirulina for extra chlorophyll and alkalinity or maca powder for a caffeine-free energy boost. I personally make this smoothie fairly often for breakfast and find that I am very satisfied until lunchtime:


Smoothies are amazing when you’re in a bind because they are so easy to change as you go along so feel free to play around with the amount of sweetener and water you use to adjust to your personal preferences. I love my smoothies to be on the creamier side so I don’t add as much liquid as most people. Just try not to go crazy with the sweetener!