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Healthy habits for 2019

Most of my friends have established a laundry list of resolutions for 2019. One common denominator was that they all “want to be a lot healthier!” Hm. I’m not quite sure what that really means. Now, I know that everyone in the blogosphere has already posted the lists of their new year’s resolutions, myself included.

But to be frank – unless you think of actionable, easy to implement changes in your life, you’ll probably get nowhere. You need an actual plan! Far too often people have such grand ideas about all they will accomplish in the new year but wind up feeling unsettled and disappointed by New Years’ Eve when they realize they are making the same resolutions again and again. Unfortunately, I can’t help you with your budget or help you find your future spouse, but I can think of a few easy, actionable healthy habits to get you on your way for a healthier 2019:

1. Hydrate yourself constantly – I already talked about this in an earlier post so I won’t bore you with why you should be drinking more water (more alert, less hungry and possibly more um, regular). I even found you a cute little chart to keep track of your progress so it should be effortless! I know, I know – people really don’t like drinking plain water, so try adding some sliced fruit. In addition to the common standbys like lemons and limes, try adding some strawberries, kiwis or oranges to your H2O for a fun twist. Slices of fruit with sparkling water (especially from Mountain Valley) or Harmless Harvest coconut water are a super tasty way to mix things up too.

2. Quit coffee I’m working on this one myself! While I am definitely a cold turkey kinda woman, to wean myself off coffee and my dirty caffeine habit, I’ve established a little routine for myself to make the path to an addiction-free life a bit easier. First, I’m going to drink 1-2 cups of organic green tea each day. This Organic North African Mint version by David’s Tea is a personal favorite. I’m also one of those really strange people who actually love the taste of coffee so I’ve also got my hands on Teeccino’s French Roast tea bags to replace that taste I miss so much. I love these because they are filled with amazing superfoods like a dandelion root that helps alkalize your body, as opposed to coffee, which is super acidic!

3. Eat regularly – Too many people I know have nothing more than a tall skinny vanilla latte in the morning and subside on nothing but a few random snacks until dinnertime. Of course, dinner winds up being a massive meal and there is usually more than a few drinks involved. What is wrong with this picture? You are basically starving your body throughout the day, forcing it into starvation mode and essentially shutting down your metabolism. So if you want to lose weight, make it easier on yourself: eat regular meals and snacks. Strive to regulate your eating habits by starting with breakfast. It’s easy, I swear: just force yourself to have a little bit of fruit and/or gluten-free oats every single day until you wake up hungry. I personally love Vigilant Eats’ Superfoods Cereal which is gluten-free and is, not surprisingly, filled with a ton of superfoods like cacao nibs.

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