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How to easily straighten curly hair at home

Straight, smooth hair is a stylish look that many women crave. If you’ve been born with naturally curly hair, this can be even more difficult to obtain, as straightening at a salon can be pricey and damaging to your hair. Your hair can get fried, dried out, and split.

Fortunately, there are some at-home methods you can try that are much simpler and more cost-effective than using salon chemicals to straighten. While doing it at home won’t give a permanent, pin-straight look, the methods below can certainly take some curl out and help give you a more naturally straight look for your hair. Try each method out and see which works best for you for effortless, natural-looking straight hair at home.

1. Blow Dry and Flat Iron Method

blow dry & flat iron hair straighten method

Wash: For this method, wash and dry your hair first. Use a frizz-fighting shampoo and rinse with lukewarm water. Dry your hair with a microfiber cloth or a t-shirt, as these fibers are gentler on your hair and produce less frizz. Gently squeeze the hair to dry, instead of rubbing your hair. Don’t scrunch, as this shapes curls.

Prep: Next, prep your hair with a heat protecting spray, spraying onto hair in sections and combing through gently. If need be, use a detangling spray too to make sure hair looks smooth.

Dry: After prepping your hair, grab your blow dryer and round brush to get started. You can make this easier by sectioning your hair with clips and doing one piece at a time. With your round brush, pull it through the section as you point your blow dryer at the brush. Keep the dryer about six inches away so you don’t apply as much heat. Repeat each section like this until your hair is dry.

Straighten: Once your hair is dry, clip it halfway up and work with the bottom half first. Make sure your flat iron is not at the highest setting (keep it closer to 350 degrees Fahrenheit). For curly hair, titanium plates work well, as they produce flat hair with a sheen the best. Run the plates over small sections, only using one or two passes of your flat iron. Once you’ve finished the bottom half, take down the top half of your hair and repeat the process. Make sure you keep your hair tight and pull slowly once through the straightener, as this will make it go faster.

Finish: Use just a few spritzes of hair spray to smooth down flyaways. Too much product can weigh your hair down or encourage the curl to come out. Hold your spray far from your head and mist from a distance. You can use a small bit of frizz smoothing cream to encourage a shine. You should see smooth, straight hair that looks and feels healthy.

2. The Hair Mask Method

The Hair Mask Method
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Using a hair mask isn’t as straightforward as the blow-dry and straighten method for getting straight hair. They also aren’t for those seeking immediate results, like the flat iron can give. Instead of giving you completely flat hair, these masks work to make hair look for naturally relaxed and straightened, with just a slight curve. They can also help users maintain naturally-looking straight hair for a longer period of time and don’t damage your hair in any way.

Milk & Honey: Mix 1 cup of milk with 1 tbsp of honey until it forms a smooth paste. (For a thicker mixture, you can add in a banana for some extra moisture.) Apply the paste and let it sit for one hour, letting the mixture soak into your hair. Rinse and shampoo and gently dry.

Preparing Milk Honey pack by Sima Nanda from

Olive Oil & Eggs: Beat two eggs in a bowl and add a few tablespoons of olive oil and mix well. Apply to your hair and let it sit for at least 45 minutes. Rinse well with shampoo. Repeat this at least twice a week for an entire month to see the best results for straighter hair.

Coconut Milk & Lemon: Combine 1 cup of coconut milk with about 5 tbsps of lemon juice. Mix well at let it sit in the refrigerator up to an hour. Apply the mixture to your head and wrap your hair in a towel. Heat the towel gently using a blow dryer to create some warmth and let the mixture steep in for 30 minutes. Then rinse well and dry gently. Keep applying the mixture weekly to see results.

3. The Overnight Method

This method is great if you want to easily relax the tightness in your curls for something softer. This will produce a natural wave that you can quickly run a flat iron through for some extra straightness.

Twisting into a bun: Comb through damp hair and then pull it tight into a ponytail. Twist your hair around like a rope and gather it at the crown of your head. Tie an elastic around your coiled bun and go to sleep that way. You may even want to tie a silk scarf around your hair to keep it in place and help smooth frizz. In the morning, brush it out and run the straightener quickly over any section that has kept too much curl.

Using elastic hair bands: Comb damp hair into two sections. Gather tightly into two low ponytails below your ears and fasten with an elastic hairband. Add in additional hair bands every inch or so down the ponytail, holding it tightly together. Repeat this process on both ponytails until you reach the bottom of your hair. Go to sleep with the hair bands in place and remove and brush out in the morning. Your hair should look more naturally straight with less curl.

Check this video and see how Brittney Gray wraps her hair to straighten hair overnight.

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