My 2019 Resolutions


Happy 2019! After a very long break, I’m back! Luckily for you, I am feeling very refreshed and ready to act like the committed blogger I know I should be. I’ve been reading a lot of New Years Resolutions posts today and while you probably have no interest in reading yet another one, I think posting about your resolutions is the perfect way to stay accountable throughout the year. Where would we be without public humiliation? So here goes my official resolutions for 2019!

  1. Focus on portion control: I have absolutely no problem eating healthily – I LOVE my veggies and feel much better when I am eating whole, unprocessed foods. Unfortunately, I love my healthy food a little bit too much and can wolf down the same amount of food as my boyfriend who is almost a foot taller than me and 70 lbs heavier. While I am NOT a believer in strict calorie counting, too much is still too much. Overeating is very stressful on your digestive system and takes away from repair and restoration. So, I plan on making my meals last at least 20 minutes by chewing more slowly and putting my fork down in between bites. That way I’ll have a better idea of when to stop eating (I hope).
  2. Sit less: If you haven’t seen the countless literature about the dangers of sitting on your health, please take a second and read them here. Sitting kills, slowly but surely (even if you workout regularly!!!). To avoid death by sitting, I plan on standing up for a few minutes every hour at work and walking more. Living in NYC, I already walk plenty but I could always do more. For starters, I plan on standing on the subway and potentially investing in a standing desk (or even building my own). Unfortunately, I’m sitting in bed as I type this. Not a great start, but there’s always tomorrow!
  3. Juice daily: I am obsessed with green juice and juicing is probably my number one beauty slash anti-aging tool. Also, whenever I start my day with a green juice, I feel so much more energized and ready to take on the day. I definitely notice that I have more energy when I have juice before workouts. While I did not enjoy green juices every day in 2012 because of the ridiculous price of juices in the city ($8-$10 per juice!), I just acquired a brand new juicer so I can enjoy them more without feeling guilty for going over budget. Stay tuned for a post on why I am so enamored with making green juices and smoothies.
  4. Grow eyelashes: I have to grow eyelashes little long. That’s why I already shortlisted several Tarte mascaras. I have started using them regularly. And this year my target is to have nice eyelashes.

What are your 2019 resolutions?