Saturday, June 6, 2020

Skincare: Fall edition

As a follow-up to my summer skincare post, I thought it may be helpful to give a quick update on what I’ve been using since it’s become much cooler and drier. Writing this blog gives me license to try a lot of new products, but I’ve found myself returning to these few products over and over again. I’m sure I’m not alone here when I mention that my primary goal is to prevent aging caused by harsh environmental conditions (city living? Can’t get much harsher than that). My personal motto? Always be moisturizing.  And these products aren’t only addressing my long-term aging concerns –  they also help me stave off a massive pet peeve of mine, those little white flakes that appear on my cheeks when I’ve been lazy about keeping things supple and soft.

Day or night, I first start with a few quick spritzes of Yuli Skincare’s Metamorphic Elixir (1). It is meant for anti-aging / dry skin, the perfect toner to act as my first defense against the onslaught of dry air. Next, I dot on a small amount of Joelle Ciocco’s Intensive Eye Care Anti-Ageing Treatment (2), a product I started using after my wonderful facial with Isabelle Bellis. I am absolutely vigilant about using eye cream. The non-stop exposure to computer and smartphone screens is extremely stressful on the eyes, making it crucial that you pamper them as much as possible! Also, I am using mascaras to take care of my eyelashes regularly this year.

For the day, I’ve been using Josie Maran’s Argan Oil (3) (a very thoughtful gift from my lovely roommate!) all over my face and neck. Quickly followed by yet another year-round mainstay – John Masters Organics Natural Mineral Sunscreen SPF 30 (4). Yes, the sun is not nearly as strong as it is in the summer, but I’m not one to take chances: I wear sunscreen every single day. I just make sure to wash it off carefully at night to avoid clogging my pores. When going out then to avoid bad smell from my body, I also use Soapwalla deodorant.

At night, I’m very focused on preventing hyperpigmentation, a common ailment for Asian skin. With that in mind, I’ve been using Yuli’s Cell Perfecto PM Serum (5). It is an oxygen-activated serum, meaning you need to give it a vigorous shake before use to “wake up” the active ingredients. Since this particular serum is targeted at acne scars, pigmentation and dark spots, it is ideal for my particular skin care concerns. It’s so rich and moisturizing that I don’t need to use anything else at night. Effective and efficient? No wonder I can’t stop reaching for it.

What are your fall skincare essentials? 

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